Where is Julia [hulia].

I was talking to my mother on the phone today. She asked: “Do you miss?” I hesitated for a moment.
“No,” I replied. “I don’t”.

I feel at home. Although that’s not surprising, because I actually feel that way everywhere. Wherever I start life, I am able to create a nest in which I feel very comfortable.

In Tenerife, I don’t seem to have a nest yet. Because I have no house, no water and no electricity. But I do have a piece of land that surprises me every day. Whether it is the fruit of the fig, or garlic, which has a completely different aboveground part than Polish garlic. And it’s the flowering pear trees (it’s late October). The vegetation here is still a mystery to me.

Every morning, I am greeted by African daisies and … cats 🙂 .

I spend all my days outdoors. This weekend I weeded, collected stones and cleaned old boards. I washed the big sink and my first glasses, which the previous owner sold to me along with the soil. Satisfaction at +100. The sink doesn’t have a drain to the sewerage system, because I don’t have one here and won’t have one. The (so-called grey) water flows into a bucket. Since I use plant-friendly chemicals, I water them with this water. Nothing is wasted.

I am preparing a space for an outdoor kitchen and dining area. Outdoors. And although a lot of work lies ahead of me, I already have a vision of sharing a meal with my guests.

Today I walked off the field after sunset. This is slowly becoming my ritual. This is how I end the day. Watching the ball of light disappear behind the hills of La Gomera.

I went into my room (I’m temporarily living with neighbours) and called Julia (read: hulia). She hadn’t shown up for two days. And today I just looked at the ceiling and saw her black beads staring at me intently. I was happy that there was my roommate 🙂 I am talking about the gecko of course, thanks to which I have no mosquitoes and flies in my room.

I’ve been here three weeks and it feels like I’ve only just arrived. In two days I’m flying to Spain and from there to Poland. It’s time to pack my things and send them to Tenerife. It’s time to close the door behind me and embark on a new journey. On 6 January, I will settle in Tenerife. I am very curious about my new life. Although, actually, life is still the same, I’m just changing places. For the first time outside Poland.

So far I like the climate best. I have summer every day. Regardless of the month. Today it’s 23 October and I’m in short sleeves and shorts. I don’t even need a hairdryer, as my hair dries quickly on its own after washing. It’s a good thing, because electricity is scarce 😉 .

It’s already dark and time to go to bed. That’s the rhythm I live by. I get up with the sun and lie down just after sunset. Almost like with the hens.
Good night 🙂