I release … myself

The soul often talks to me. And although I don’t always want it to speak to me, I know I need it. The more difficult the conversation with the Soul, the more I need it. Since I discovered this I have stopped drowning her out. How have I done it so far? With lots of activities: work, meetings, books, films … And the conditions for talking to the Soul are … sitting and doing nothing.

The last few months have been a time of change in my life. Fundamental ones. I trusted the Soul, which decided that we would live almost at the Tropic of Cancer.

I hear the voice of my Soul:
“Trust me and let yourself be guided. You already know that you don’t have to defend anything. There is less and less vulnerability in you, because you cannot be humiliated. For that, you need pride, which is … not in you. You have let it go without a sense of loss and have opened yourself up to what is best for you. You have chosen peace, harmony and joy.
You have noticed that you do not get attached to other people’s opinions. You feel safe as you are. You know your worth, love yourself and respect yourself, so you don’t need to defend yourself against anything. You just know who you are and that’s enough for you.
How freeing that is. And how much less effort it requires of you to live that way.”

I smile to myself 🙂 and to my Soul. I feel my breath and choose peace. Even in the current moving hustle and bustle. In moments of fatigue, doubt or difficulty I stop, sit down and … listen to you my Soul ❤️

Am I perfect? Yes. Do I have shortcomings? Yes. How is this possible? Shortcomings are part of perfection, because everything around me and myself are in the process of becoming. It is a constant evolution. After all, a flower that has not fully developed is not an imperfect flower. On the contrary. It is perfect and flourishes according to the laws of the Universe.

And I am no longer afraid of my own feelings, because I know I can handle them. I take responsibility for them, accept them and … free myself from them. I have taken the risk to let go of old beliefs and I am exploring the new possibilities that are coming. And a life with Nature with the ocean in the background, with the earth and the plants, the sun and myself is coming. Am I afraid? Ba: Well, sure. It’s one big unknown. However, I choose ‘can do’ in facing my fears, confronting them and … letting go. I have friends who are very supportive of me. And I am grateful to them for this presence.
I wish you a day of peace ❤️