Hourglass of life

The photograph shows a silver coin offered by the Gdansk Mint. Gdańsk – the place of my birth.
And I was looking for a picture of an hourglass in the Internet resources.

A November morning. Still wrapped in the grey of dawn. Like a shawl protecting from the chill of the autumn aura. The smell of coffee and cardamom brightens my eyes. I pick up magnets from the fridge. Traces of my travels. I hold them in my hands and an idea arises. I will hand them out. They will become an inspiration to others. An idea, a dream and a goal. Some of them I want to give to specific people. And then I was stopped by the feeling of leaving, even dying.

Is it possible to die for a place? Is moving a little death? And moving 7,000 kilometres away. I was saying goodbye not only to a place. I felt so strongly that I was saying goodbye to the people who are here with me. Whom I meet, with whom I have relationships in my life. In the fervour of things, I pushed these feelings very deep. Pretending they are not there? Pretending they don’t affect me? The autumn, November time is conducive to immersion in the shadows. It supports insights into death, departures and goodbyes.

I already know that I will move softly to Tenerife. Carried by the warmth of people dear to me, who will always be close to me. Regardless of the distance separating us. Wrapped in November’s reflection, I open my heart’s ears to my Soul’s words: “Beloved, I have already taken care of everything. Quiet your mind and listen to me.”

I hold the hourglass in my hands, watching the moments of my life spill by. How much longer? I don’t know. The hourglass of my life is held by someone else, someone who knows. All I have to do is enjoy each day. Which grain will be the last? I don’t know. That’s why I live my life as if it’s going to be today.

The moment I wrote the first sentence, my Sister wrote to me: “How do you feel? ❤️”  There is a connection between us that is not limited by time or space. And I felt again that I am never alone. And I “heard” now the voice of my Soul: “well, rejczel!”  I’m glad she has a sense of humour. I like that about her very much.

The time when the darkness arrives (until 21 December) is a good time for me to close my eyes. Wrapped in the darkness of the night, I feel more strongly. I have chosen an interesting time to move. Are you sure it was me who decided this?

I wish you a warm quiet night ❤️