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Dorota Grądzka – phytotherapist, naturotherapist and herbalist. I love herbs for their healing wisdom. Phytotherapy, or herbal medicine, helps us to get back to health and supports us in maintaining it.

As a mum myself, thanks to herbs, I know how to deal with a cold in a child. I know how to live without antibiotics and I teach this in my courses. Herbs can help with many ailments.

I combine Western herbs with Chinese medicine diagnostics. I have completed my studies in Traditional Chinese Medicine herbal medicine. Behind me are many courses both at the TOMO school in Gdansk and with Dr Henryk Różanski in herbal healing, bubble placement, moxa and nutrition. We also use herbs in the kitchen, they are our spices. I have combined herbal medicine with TCM dietetics. In addition to herbal recipes, I discuss nutritional recommendations during consultations.

I know herbs not only from the school bench. I collect them and turn them into recipes that support your health. People come to me with many ailments, diagnoses and a portfolio of tests. Sometimes after years of different treatments. Herbs, nutrition, bubbles, moxa or ear candling are great tools for dealing with such chronic illnesses.

When we work with you in the practice, we focus on the causes of your ailments. How often the source of our health problems lies in the gut. Disorders of nutrition, digestion and absorption of food result in autoimmune diseases, migraines, skin problems, infections and even depression.

Herbs work well for most illnesses. I help children, women (menstrual disorders, pregnancy problems, menopause) and men who are looking for solutions in herbal medicine.

I’m not asking for a medical diagnosis. I am asking how you feel, what ails your body, whether you are enjoying life. Even if you can’t cure a particular illness, you can always make yourself more comfortable or reduce the side effects of your medication. This is exactly how I work in my practice. I listen carefully to the whole/ whole you. I show you the path to health and help you get on it. And more often than not, you do great.

I love working with people and herbs. I do it with passion and commitment while also taking care of my own well-being. I know how to relax and unwind. I realise my dreams. I carry happiness within me. And you feel it when we meet. You enjoy talking to me and you enjoy my attentiveness to you.

My education never ends. More schools, more courses. And I pass this knowledge on to you. I run workshops, online courses and herb walks. I write a blog and talk about herbs
on the radio.


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