Your condition may be the result of:

I employ the following treatments:

Herbal treatment

A set of recommended herbal mixtures and combination drugs (mixtures, ointments, lotions) available at pharmacies, herbal stores, and on Polish meadows.

Chinese medicine dieting

Dieting advice adjusted to your state of health, present pathologies and body constitution.

Ear candling

A procedure recommended in the case of a plugged ear canal, tinnitus, headaches, migraines, runny nose, sinusitis, hearing impairment, and for hygienic reasons.

Fire cupping

The goal of the procedure is to enable the body’s defensive mechanisms while raising resistances.

How to prepare for your visit?



appointment times:

You need to phone or email ahead to set your appointment. You can choose to take your appointment online.


and herb walks

Because I love herbs and practice herbalism, I devote a lot of time to educating in this field. If you wish to know how to use natural medicine, my workshops are for you.