Meeting myself in Spanish version

There are times in my life when I do things that are not entirely my own doing. I feel that my move to Tenerife falls into this category. Firstly, I am led by my Soul. I follow it with an openness to the new and unknown. Secondly, I get the impression that the current location of my life is absolutely not accidental.

Today I experienced the encounter of a Spanish version of myself. This version is named Alejandra and Carolina. Two over-achieving women helping a new life come into the world. Women of knowledge. Women working with herbs. They came today to visit my neighbour who will be having her baby at home within the next little while. This was the first meeting where they wanted to see the birth space and get to know each other better. I was invited to participate in this mystery. I cannot call what I witnessed any other way. My mind did not understand the words (I do not yet speak Spanish), yet my heart understood everything. At the end we hugged enjoying the closeness.

Before the healers themselves left, we started talking about herbs. In English. We will meet again. We established that we would meet in a circle of women healers to share what each knew and had to offer. I am entering another circle. A circle of women healers in Tenerife.

I am in awe of how quickly the Universe shows me the beauty of my place. There is nothing there, and yet I have everything. That this land came to me at such a price almost borders on a miracle. There are no more places in Tenerife for the kind of money I paid.

I also heard today: “You are not here by chance. One woman cannot live here alone. Especially with a tiny baby. She needs another woman. And you showed up.”

And my Soul hugs me even tighter, happy to feel it more and more.