Eyes wide open

Photo: Own photo from my land. A view of the ocean. I have more than a dozen such agaves on my land:)

Today’s story is from the “I told you so” series. It’s just that the manner of this telling was not very obvious to me. My Soul has been trying to give me a message for the third day now, and I still don’t get it. Eh. And today it hurt.

I live with my neighbours and there are air bells with a low-hanging piece of wood hanging by the exit of my room. For the third day now, I’m learning to be mindful by avoiding it when entering and exiting. It is easy to guess that in 90 cases out of 100 I cause the bells to ring. Bells actually, because each one is about half a metre long. I pierce the roosters, which have been crowing since 4am, with this sound.

I had ideas like “I’ll take these bells off”, “I’ll hang them higher” or even “I’ll cut this string with a piece of wood” 😉.

I was held back by the thought that this was some kind of message to me. “Bend your head woman! Remember bend your head!” I repeated to myself every time, unfortunately always after the bells had already rung 😀.

And today understanding came. Painful unfortunately. The trace of this enlightenment is a huge bump on my head. At this point I took a break in my writing to check what I had there in terms of chakras and energy. I started searching the internet and opened a page where I learned that chakras are read not only along the line of the spine, but also on the head. I located the exact point and found that I had hit the Nabhi point, or solar plexus, with the board. “This centre is where our attention resides. It is also responsible for our material well-being, inner peace, generosity and contentment”.

Hallelujah! I seem to have grasped what the Soul is saying to me. “Relax little one! I have taken care of everything. Your material well-being is assured” (ha, it’s nothing that I am still collecting the last instalment for the land). “Be calm and attentive. Remember to be generous and contentment will come on its own.”

Why is this so important to me? Because this morning I was awakened by a slight anxiety. Triggered by the question: “How will I manage?”

Well, Soul knows. After all, she dragged me here. And I spent another day outside. I tidied up a piece of land. But there were stones and dry stragglers. I removed a crumbling wall. The effect is tiny. But “why why why why” as my neighbours keep telling me 😀 After all, this is how I want to live. Mainly outside the walls, with nature. The prevailing conditions in Tenerife are very conducive to this. Today the air was 28 degrees and the whole day was sunny.

I’m rubbing my sore head 😉 I’m hoping to remember the message: ‘Quiet your mind beloved and listen to my assurance that everything has been taken care of. Remain calm and open, not worrying about how your desires will be fulfilled. Quiet your mind and your body will hear me quickly and clearly. Therefore, I ask you: listen.”