Story 4 “The effects of the body’s conflict with the a…s, and how to deal with it”.

I’m going to look into your body now and look at the effects of keeping the qupy treasures in your gut. I have already covered the topic of stool here.

You wake up in the morning and already feel like it’s a poor start to the day. You feel tired and somehow irritable. Your thoughts are, like, in a fog. Your stomach aches and is quite tense. You feel uncomfortable.
How can it be any different when you are carrying the “treasures” of three days inside you.

You don’t even want to look in the mirror anymore. Squinty eyes, a few new pimples on your face. You need to use more foundation again.
You don’t feel like eating breakfast. Maybe coffee. But it doesn’t help either.
There are some noises coming from your stomach. Burping, gurgling and hissing. A feeling of heaviness.
You touch your abdomen, push, massage and feel under your fingers places that are hard and tender. So much of the picture from the outside.

I look inside and what do I see? In the large intestine, faecal masses filling the intestinal lumen. The body is constantly draining fluids, and thus the qupa is becoming more and more compact and dry. And what is in these fluids. Well, toxins that find their way into all your organs, which are brilliantly circulated.

Fortunately, the liver and kidneys take on the lion’s share of the work and cleanse as much as they can. The lymphatic system does its best too. Even the skin and lungs join in more strongly. However, their powers are also waning. The polluted blood reaches the brain. This is why it is more difficult to concentrate and thoughts, somehow, so unclear.

If constipation turns into a chronic condition, you are already one step away from illness.
Your liver starts to ache, deposits build up in your gallbladder, your kidneys give you a sore loin, you catch breathlessness quicker, and you get a trainer coming out of your mouth after an intense workout. The skin sheds what the d…pa can’t.

What the a.s doesn’t like?

  • The chair. He says it’s a “silent killer”.
  • Lack of movement.
  • Stress and the morning rush.
  • Poor nutrition.

How can you help it?

I have put together ways to deal with constipation for you. Assuming that they are not caused by your illnesses, but “only” by poor nutrition or lifestyle.
If in doubt, ask your doctor.
Choose from these methods the ones that will serve you best. And courageously follow your intuition.

Some of Dr Dabrowski’s suggestions
Fasting in the morning:

  • a glass of warm water with a teaspoon of honey and lemon juice
  • sauerkraut (10dag) or ½ glass of sauerkraut juice half and half with water
  • a glass of mineral water (warm)
  • for breakfast 2 – 3 times a week – muesli with cereals
  • once a day kefir, yoghurt (e.g. before bedtime)
  • half an hour of exercise a day: walking, cycling, dancing
  • a salad of raw vegetables with each meal (fibre) (if you have no digestive problems)
  • an apple at night (I do not agree with dr)
  • 3 dried plums or figs soaked overnight in a small amount of water
  • gentle intestinal massage
  • add 1 tablespoon linseed oil or 1 teaspoon ground linseed to the salad

Suggestions by Dr Henryk Różański

  • Boldovera (Aflopa) – tablets (contain additionally boldoverin and smoke tree extract) – in case of spasms of alimentary tract and bile ducts, cholelithiasis, bile stasis, liver pains, stomach aches, indigestion and constipation – 2 tablets 1-2 times a day, but not longer than 2 weeks. Do not take during pregnancy and lactation.
  • Obstilax (NP Pharma) – tablets, containing additionally extracts of valerian and caraway and medicinal soap – in constipation 1 tablet 1 time a day after food, but no longer than 10 days.
  • Apinorm (Apipol-Farma) – a complex syrup containing additionally aniseed tincture, caraway tincture, strong orange extract and aloe vera herb – the preparation regulates bowel movement, has a diastolic, wind, expectorant, cholagogic and strengthening effect – 5-10 ml 1 time a day in constipation and digestive disorders and in slow metabolism, but no longer than 10 days, then make a break of 2 weeks.
  • At home, marmalades can also be made from plums, fig fruit, bramble fruit, buckthorn or amaranth. Mix in equal proportions, add a strong honey-sweetened infusion of senescent leaves or pods for strengthening, mix and take 1-2 tablespoons at a time to regulate defecation and stimulate metabolism. However, for no longer than 5 days.

In his blog, Dr Henryk Różanski also writes about potassium sulphate. This is a method for the “bold”, who are not afraid of chemical vocabulary.
Here is what you can read: “When administered orally, it induces increased intestinal peristalsis, by osmotic means the accumulation of water in the intestinal lumen, the dilution (liquefaction) of faecal masses and their abundant excretion. In my tests, I have shown that oral intake of 2-2.5 g of potassium sulphate (dissolve in hot water, drink) does indeed induce laxation. The laxative effect and the liquefaction of the faeces is painless. In some people, I have noticed erythema on the face after drinking the potassium sulphate solution. I myself also felt a warm sensation on my cheeks and at the same time a drop in blood pressure. The hypotensive effect of potassium sulphate is relatively pronounced, but short-lived. After 2-3 hours, sometimes as early as 1 hour after ingestion, the first bowel movement occurs. The number of bowel movements varies from 3 to 5, sometimes up to 8, depending on the amount of food currently consumed, the filling of the bowels and the amount of fluids drunk. Kalium sulfuricum given during lactation reduces the amount of milk secreted. Like magnesium sulphate, it is suitable for interrupting lactation, inhibiting galactorrhoea and relieving swelling and inflammation of the mammary gland. It is a potent Antigalacticum.” And you can find the whole text here.  And I recommend you this source of information. It is reliable, rich and extremely useful.

Regardless of the aids, you are the one who has the most influence over your bowel movements. Treat your “four letters” with due attentiveness. Take time for them. Plan your mornings so that you can empty your large intestine in no hurry and enter a new day with a sense of lightness. Today is ekadashi day. It’s a good day to start a good practice. Your body will repay you with well-being, clarity of thought, ease of concentration and a sense of happiness. Isn’t that a beautiful vision? In my life, it’s already a reality. Although I went through a stage of dreaming and disbelief that it was even possible.

Clean bowels and clear thoughts I wish you.
Dorota Nature of Life