Story 2 “Why don’t farts smell like violets?”

On a good day, the standard question: “Has there been a stool today?”
If not, the chance of violet-smelling farts is none.

Have you ever wondered why you have gas in your bowels?
Being among humans, I have occasionally dreamt of letting out a fart that:
Firstly, it will not be audible.
Secondly, it will be odourless.
And if I had any doubt that I would succeed, I would clench my d… and my bowels would swell.
You know the feeling? I dare say every one of us has experienced it.

Masks on and let’s lean into this … topic.
Where does the smell come from?
After all, gases in the intestines are odourless. But what is fermentation for! Bacterial cultures, food residues, the process of assimilating fats, carbohydrates and more. In other words, the digestive process, or rather its disruption, causes odours at which ‘sulphur is perfume’. The richer the diet in sulphur, the more your farts will smell. Cauliflower, eggs and meat are at the top of the stinky farts hit list. And peas and beans? Admittedly they produce large quantities of them, but not very stinky ones.

When I didn’t eat meat for years, I rarely gassed the environment with hydrogen sulphide farts.
And you? Do you “sniff” at your bugs? Is it possible to go in the loo after you? Or do you need to ventilate first?

Where does the accompanying farting sound come from?

First of all, the pressure. If you hold back for a long time, it will eventually explode. It will be loud. Secondly, sphincter tension, the bigger the louder.
Thirdly, haemorrhoids, which reduce the anal lumen, can also cause the noises.
You can practice letting out quiet farts. How? Let out gas a little at a time. Massage the abdomen from right to left along the large intestine and …. poof. And again. And poof.
You can also hold the sphincter with your fingers (it can be through toilet paper). It will then not tremble and the bowel will be quiet. A useful method when the bathroom noises can be heard throughout the house and the man of your life has just arrived 🙂

How much gas does a person produce in a day?
On average, a person produces about half a litre of gas per day, which consists of about 14 burps.

Conduct the following experiment:
Note down what you eat and your each fart. You can also add a description of the strength of its stench. In this way, you will discover the relationship between the food you eat and the number of farts, as well as the intensity of their smell.

What is the path of the farts to the anus?
Gases, being lighter than liquids and faeces, should travel upwards. Whoa, maybe that’s why some people smell so much from their mouths? No, that’s not the point 😉 .
It is the worming movement of the intestine that creates high pressure forcing the intestinal contents to move downwards towards the anus. The gases march along with the contents. Along the way combining with each other.

Do men fart more often than women?
If this were the case, it would mean that women hold back and therefore fart more when no one is around.

Are there any specific times for farting?
The most common time to fart is in the morning, after waking up. It can thunder quite a bit. Then it depends on what we’ve eaten, our digestion and how much we move.

Why do beans cause farts?
Peas and beans contain sugars that the human body does not digest. Once they get into the intestines, the bacteria go wild and produce huge amounts of gas. Fortunately, they don’t stink very much.

What else besides food can cause you to fart more than usual?
People who swallow a lot of air fart more. The cure for this is to chew food with the mouth closed. Nervous people who cause a lot of movement in their digestive system fart more, because the body cannot keep up with absorbing all the inhaled air that eventually makes its way to the intestines. Certain illnesses cause an increased susceptibility to bloating.
The rising of an aeroplane or any low-pressure environment causes gas expansion and consequent bloating.

Is a burp a burp from the ‘d…py side’?
No. A burp comes from the stomach and has a different chemical composition to a bittern, which has more bacterial than atmospheric gases in it compared to a burp.

Is abstaining from farting unhealthy?
There are differing opinions on this subject. Indeed, people have believed for centuries that withholding flatulence is unhealthy. Caesar Claudius even introduced a law legalising farting at parties out of concern for the health of citizens. There was a strong belief that belching could poison the body or be the cause of all sorts of illnesses. I liked Caesar Claudius 🙂

Is the smell of your farts unpleasant for you? For me it is not and I am curious to know how it is for others.

And for those who suffer from excess gas, I give you Dr Henryk Różanski’s recipe.

25 g of camomile flower
20 g mint leaves
30 g crushed caraway fruit
15 g calamus rhizome
10 g of valerian rhizome
Mix the herbs. Steep 2 g of the mixture in a cup. Drink 3 cups daily.

Cheers! And Violet boughs I wish you.

Dorota Nature of Life