Report on the Herbal weekend in May

Images painted in spring are before my eyes as I write this. I long again for Modra Cottage and its atmosphere. See what a beautiful place it is. The title photo, is a picture of the room where I slept and dried herbs 🙂 .
The weather was kind to us. Sunshine and warmth every day, so we dined in the living room under a cloud, sipping the morning dew from the grass beforehand with our bare feet.

I spoilt the girls as much as the weather. I would get up before 6 to soak my soul in the morning silence. I would wake the house with the crackle of burning logs in the fireplace (the nights were still chilly), the smell of morning coffee and the clatter of dishes being set for breakfast.

What breakfasts they were! Scrambled eggs with nettle. Jaglanka in the rich. Salads with herbs and even pancakes with berries 🙂 Even before leaving, a moment of relaxation and bags in hand. We visited the herb garden growing in the meadows and enjoyed it to the full.

And although there were many more impressions, plants and experiences, I won’t show everything after all. Maybe your next May will be herbal 🙂 .
I wish you a herbal life and good health
Dorota Nature of Life

PS recipe for nettle and mullein wine

Bottle of red wine
0.5 l fresh nettles
24 dried apricots
Knead the fresh nettles in a jar. Arrange the apricots on top of the nettles. Pour in the wine. Leave in a dark cool cupboard for about 3 weeks.
After this time, we strain, the nettles are discarded, the apricots can be eaten.
Drink a glass daily as a tonic.
Nettles and apricots are an excellent blood tonic.

Dorota Nature of Life