Eka – one, dasza – ten (Ekadashi)

This is possible. Twice a month there are such days, favourable for fasting.
In Sanskrit (the old language of India), these days are called ekadashi. Translated, it means the eleventh day after the new moon and the eleventh day after the full moon.
At the end you will find the dates of these days in 2016.
What does the fasting on ekadashi day consist of?
On this day, it is worth approaching it from both the physical and spiritual dimensions.

The spiritual dimension

It is good for the day to be filled with peace. Your emotional approach to fasting is important. If you get irritated or angry about it, it will not be fasting, but simply not eating.
Fasting is based on a conscious decision and inner agreement to abstain from food.
Even if you cannot take a day off work, you are able to make good use of an ekadashi day.
Plan it in advance and prepare yourself.
Be sure to include prayer, meditation, mindfulness or emotional relaxation.
You can also include activities aimed at your personal development (meeting with a Teacher, therapy, workshops).

The physical dimension
At this level, you can observe fasting in two ways.

Give up food completely and drink only water (such a fast is called a hunger strike).
Refrain from eating certain foods.
How do you carry out such a fast?

We start on the day before the day of ekadashi. On that day, we eat the last and light meal around 5pm.
The following day, drink only water or eliminate the consumption of the foods listed below.
People who are bothered by the cold drink warm water. And I encourage starvation in warm seasons and fasting in cold seasons.
Eat the first meal in the morning, the next day after ekadashi. Keep it light.
When fasting, we do not eat the following foods:

legumes and cereals, including rice, corn, peas and soybeans,
preparations of the above, i.e. groats and bread,
meat, fish, eggs,
coffee, tea,
fried food.
Food should be simple, as little processed as possible and minimally seasoned.
Overeating should be avoided. Leave the table feeling unsatisfied.
If hunger pangs are severe, you can drink vegetable stock without salt.
Remember to eat carefully and unhurriedly and chew each bite for a long time.
Who should not do a complete fast?

Persons who are very weak, emaciated.
People who are ill, undergoing medical treatments that preclude such a fast.
People with stones in the gall bladder or kidneys, when deciding to do such a fast, must remember to drink plenty of water with lemon juice.
People who are ill or have a medical condition should consult their doctor about the decision to fast.
Is it possible to feel unwell?
Yes. You may have a headache if bowel movements are inhibited. Toxins in the large intestine will seep into the blood and be distributed throughout the body. You can help yourself by performing an enema.
What do we gain by fasting?

Ayurvedic medicine claims that fasting in ekadashi prevents many diseases and promotes healing.
With daily eating (and even overeating), digestion takes up so much time that the intestines are forced to work almost constantly. And during a 24-hour fast, they can rest and regenerate. During a fast, the body switches its activity from digesting food to cleansing toxins.
In the long term, practising fasting regularly gives a feeling of lightness and a more efficient functioning of many of our organs.
In addition, the original ability to function in the rhythm of the moon’s cycles can be regained.
What is worth knowing?
The human (adult) body is made up of 60-70 % water , and the brain 95-98 %.
The Earth and the Moon attract each other, but on ekadashi days because of the greater proximity this attraction is stronger.
This is when the Moon is closest to the Earth and causes the tides to flow in and out.
A similar thing happens inside the human body. The gravitational force of the Moon affects the fluids in the human body in the same way that it affects water.
This can lead to an imbalance in the human body’s hormones and fluids, creating excessive tension in the chest and head.
Keeping the stomach empty on these days prevents the appearance of unnecessary fluids that are the cause of this imbalance and thus neutralises the lunar attraction.
Ecadashi days for the next six months and simultaneous days on which you will receive a letter from me:

01.09.2017 r. (Friday)
17.09.2017 r. (Sunday)
01.10.2017 r. (Sunday)
16.10.2017 r. (Monday)
30.10.2017 r. (Monday)
15.11.2017 r. (Wednesday)
29.11.2017 r. (Wednesday)
14.12.2017 r. (Thursday)
29.12.2017 r. (Friday)
13.01.2018 r. (Saturday)
28.01.2018 r. (Sunday)
11.02.2018 r. (Sunday)
26.02.2018 r. (Monday)
13.03.2018 r. (Tuesday)
28.03.2018 r. (Wednesday)
The ekadashi day falls 11 days after the full or new moon.
The above calculations were made for universal time [UT].
Calculations may differ slightly from those presented in other calendars.

I wish you good and fruitful postings 🙂
Dorothy Nature of Life