Does the moon affect the water contained in humans?

Why tides in the seas and oceans?
Why do we have trouble sleeping during a full moon?
Why does a wound from a tooth extraction bleed more heavily on a full moon?
How does the Moon change the reflection of the sun’s rays from the Earth?
These questions alone suggest the answers. We are influenced by it, and not just in romantic terms.

By observing ourselves and the Moon, it is possible to notice a certain rhythmicity in our wellbeing and the dependence of biological reactions on its phase.

Gennady Malakhov described this issue in his book ‘Biorhythmology and Uridotherapy’.
Look at how you can use the power of the Moon for your health. The influences described apply to healthy people, without any disorders of the body’s thermals (looking, for example, from the point of view of Chinese medicine).

The first phase, or new moon (we do not see the moon)

Symbolises the beginning. Favours making decisions and starting new projects. The body gets rid of toxins more easily.

Physical effort
This is a good time for sleep and rest. This period of the month is unfavourable for nocturnal activities. The effect of exhaustion and the impact on your poor mood will be much more severe.
If you are planning a wedding or other important celebration, or just a party, check that it will not be on a new moon.
If you are playing sports, building muscle mass or good fitness then when developing your exercise programme plan to increase your efforts gradually. And on the 5th, 6th and 7th day after the new moon, you can give it a go. The effects of such work will exceed your expectations.

Fresh, juicy, watery and cool foods are well absorbed. For example, freshly made carrot, beetroot and apple juice.
And certainly avoid sweets, white flour, fatty food, grilled and fried food during this time. This applies to the middle of the lunar cycle, when the Moon’s face gets bigger. Our body will then build up reserves in ‘tyres’ for the next period. It is possible to gain weight faster during this time. Good news for skinny people.

Cleansing procedures
At the end of this phase (around day 7 after the new moon), it is a good idea to go to a bathhouse. Hot steam, water and cleansing treatments on the skin will remove the toxins that have accumulated under the skin. Ah, if only we had a hammam like in Turkey.
This is also a great time to cleanse your sinuses and tonsils. I recommend rinsing the mouth with oil using a vacuum technique.

Physiotherapeutic treatments
Good for strengthening the immune system and at the same time for firm skin (who doesn’t dream of firm buttocks) are alternating hot and cold showers.

Second phase starting from the 8th day after the new moon (first quarter, half moon is visible)
Favours activity and the accumulation of strength. The body readily absorbs nutrients and stores energy. Good time for beauty treatments. Weight can be gained easily during this period and wounds heal badly.

Physical effort
Gradually reduce the intensity of exercise and hold until full, i.e. for about a week.

We use low-moisture foods in the kitchen, i.e. porridge, dried vegetables, with the addition of a small amount of oil. It is a mistake to start a weight loss treatment during this phase. The organism, experiencing the stress of prolonged hunger, will increase its efforts in the next phase to stock up.

Cleansing treatments
The second and third phases are the best time for gall bladder and liver cleansing treatments.
A treatment from Ayurvedic medicine called the ‘shell gesture’ (Shankh prakshalana) is worth doing during this period. It will cleanse not only the digestive tract, but also the liver and gallbladder.

This is also the day of ekadashi (which I write about here). It is the 11th day after the full moon. It is worth making good use of it. The effects of our efforts will multiply threefold.
The last, or 14th, day of the second phase is called the ‘two pipes’ symbolising the drainage pipes removing impurities from our body. This is a good time for dry starvation (we do not eat or drink). This is also a good time for enemas.

Physiological treatments
Again, alternating hot and cold water pours, with moderation at the beginning of the phase and intensity towards the end. This is also a good time for the sauna.

The third phase, or full moon (we see the whole moon)
Begins from the 15th day after nova, which means we have the first day of the full moon.
Strengthens mental and spiritual powers. Releases the energy collected during the advent of the moon. Blood has poor clotting properties. All treatments and operations should be avoided.

Physical effort
Gradually increase effort, and the hardest workouts should be at the end of this phase.

The same as for the first phase. And this is the point at which it makes sense to take off the weight loss. If you are planning to go on a diet, this is the best time.

Cleansing treatments
Just like for the first phase. Simple, isn’t it 🙂 .

The fourth phase, or last quarter (again, we only see half the moon)

The beginning of the phase starts on the 22nd day after the new moon.
It symbolises taking stock. Favours decisions related to getting rid of unfavourable factors in one’s life, giving up those areas that have not been successful. Favours meditation. The body uses its own energy resources. It is a good time for surgery.

Physical effort
Moderate, and further reduced before the new moon. Intense training at this time will put additional strain on the body and will not bring the expected results. This is a good time to end the training cycle. And shift the training load to gymnastic exercises that make the body more flexible. Do less strength training.

Similar to phase two. Eat foods that are easy to digest, less oily. And avoid foods that are difficult to digest.

Cleansing procedures
This is a good period for Shankh Prakshalna. Days 23, 26 and 29 are best for hunger pangs. And again here is the ekadashi day (i.e. the 11th day after the full moon).
Physiotherapeutic treatments
We douse ourselves in cold water starting from the feet and moving upwards.

Read more about ekadashi days

Ekadashi days
It is advisable to do, for example, a hunger strike and cleansing on this day. The liver on this day, itself expels the worst toxins and many people have then, looser stools or a headache.

Warm and lunar greetings
Dorothy Nature of Life