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Interview with Dorota Grądzka – Natural Medicine Therapist
One day an acquaintance who knows my interests recommends to me a natural medicine workshop led by Dorota Grądzka. The date doesn’t suit me, I’m a bit sad, but I give up. The next opportunity comes extremely quickly. I sign up straight away. I arrive too early for the workshop, of course (this is my fault, right next to a total lack of understanding for lateness:-)). Dorota is just preparing the room for the class. She is unobtrusively polite, a warm, natural smile on her face at all times. But it’s not just her lips that smile. Her eyes do too. Throughout the entire workshop. Comprehensively answering each and every one of our questions, assuring us dispassionately once again that putting up bubbles is a piece of cake and we certainly won’t burn the hair on the back of our necks. It is thanks to Dorota that I dared to put bubbles on my child because, although it is trivially easy, someone who has never done it usually fills me with apprehension. It is thanks to her that I have greater faith in the fact that it is worthwhile to educate myself in this field, that it is worthwhile not to damage my health and that of my family with conventional treatment when it is not absolutely necessary. I know that the wealth of knowledge she imparted at the workshop is a tiny step in the journey to health, but the most important thing is to take that step. Tentatively after the workshop, I asked Dorota if she would give me an interview for the blog. To my delight, she agreed. This interview is special to me. Because I hope that after reading it, one of my readers will decide to sign up for the workshop mentioned at the end. I care about this doubly. Firstly, I would feel lucky to be able to repay Dorota for this meeting. And secondly because I would like more people to benefit from the knowledge of such people. We can read a lot of books, but we don’t always know how or have the courage to put certain advice into practice. For me, Dorota is a mentor in natural medicine. Dorota passes on knowledge in the best possible way. She doesn’t spout off or make excuses. She does not spin conspiracy theories about modern medicine, but encourages us to listen to our inner voice and the voice of nature, the quintessence of which is the answer to the last question. In concluding my talk, I encourage you to sign up for a workshop, or take advantage of a private consultation with Dorota. And now for the interview.
over coffee at korpoludek’s

You call yourself a natural medicine therapist. What kind of help can potential clients turn to you for ?

I am approached by people who are motivated to take care of their own health. The sick and the healthy come to me. The sick are those who have disrupted the harmony of life. And the healthy are the people living in balance. The former come for support in discovering the source of the disorder. The healthy ones – they seek ways to live even better. I am not a doctor, so I do not make diagnoses. I look for disorders, for manifestations of bodily dysregulation. And although I don’t do psychological therapy, questions are asked about family, childhood, the ability to meet one’s own needs, self-care, relationships with loved ones. We discover problems that lie in the gut. I always ask “Was there a stool today?” And what did it look like. Sometimes the initial embarrassment turns into an interesting conversation and conclusions that are good for health. Since bowels, so does nutrition. I carefully check how the person is eating and correct faulty habits. I look at the face, watch the tongue, check the body heat and analyse the observations enriched by what the client says. The person who comes to me knows best how to describe his ailments. I give him the space to make these statements. A visit can last up to two hours. It often happens that at the end I hear: “I feel better already”. However, there are also situations where academic medicine has diagnosed a specific disease entity. In such a situation, I look for the causes and that is what I do. This is best illustrated by a letter from a client of mine who brought her son: “Most of all, however, has benefited Nikolai. From the very next day, we implemented all your recommendations. The results have exceeded our expectations! First of all, 3 months after the visit, he had stopped all his anti-asthma medications and there was no trace of the disease on subsequent tests, i.e. spirometry! And this is still the case today. I, on the other hand, got rid of my pollen allergy completely, until I missed it a little after 15 years 🙂 “I would like to add that I have neither treated my asthma nor my allergies.

You also write “I believe that what’s in the mind is in the life”. Can you elaborate on this thought?

Our thoughts have an interesting property of materialising. And this is due to our brain. Some call it a ‘self-fulfilling prophecy’. The brain believes what we tell it and reacts accordingly. This is easy to test. Just close your eyes and imagine a yawning person. Most of us, after just a moment, will be yawning. Even though, after all, they don’t see anyone yawning. Why torment ourselves with bad thoughts when good ones help us live better and healthier lives. I recommend reading Wanda Wegener’s The Mind in the Fight Against Illness or Joseph Murphy’s The Power of the Subconscious.

You have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to change into something else. Anything, a place, an object, an animal. What would it be?

I would change myself into a vortex. I urge you to see what this herb can do. It is invaluable and should be in every medicine cabinet. It is in mine.

You write that you were taught to put bubbles by your grandmother. Did you always know what you were going to do in life, or did your path as a natural medicine therapist evolve over the course of your life?

I searched for my passion for a long time. In fact, sometimes I felt embarrassed that others were so happy to indulge in it and I didn’t know mine. I didn’t know then that it had been with me since I was a child. She always has been. When I collected herbs with my grandmother, when I put up bubbles, when I relieved the ailments of others. Then came the moment when I met a man on my path who said to me directly: “Get into healing”. I knew immediately that this was it. I needed to hear it.

I live a healthy life…What does that mean to you?

Healthy living for me means living in harmony with myself. A life where I am able to love and care for myself. I am able to take care of my needs. When I feel fulfilled, loved and satisfied, my body responds with the same. It is healthy. When something is wrong with me, I reflect on what has happened in my life over the last three days, something strong (stressful) enough to have affected my health so badly.

You are in possession of a wealth of knowledge in the field of natural medicine, when asking questions at workshops I always got a comprehensive answer, do you plan to organise workshops more often?

Yes. I am happy when people want to know more and live healthier. Already in March I will conduct classes at Progressteron in Gdynia (5 March) and in Warsaw (20 March). I will share my knowledge on child health “From baby to elder” and how to build a “Home First Aid Kit”, i.e. what to have on hand in case of a cold, indigestion, stomach ache or headache. And already on 14 March, I will come to Krakow and give a class on spring cleaning. A lot of myths have grown up around this topic. And sometimes people do themselves harm by cleansing their liver. During this class, we will check the state of the intestines and I will check with everyone if the liver is already giving worrying signals. I will also talk about how to do a liver, bowel and kidney cleanse safely. There will be lots of recipes and even more answers to questions, which, as you know, are in abundance at my workshops. For more information visit my website under Workshops https://naturazycia.pl/?tribe_events=watroba-na-wiosne-watroba-na-cale-zycie

Where do you get your knowledge from? Can you share valuable places to further your education in any area of natural medicine?

In my passion, learning is lifelong. I am currently attending a class at the State Higher Vocational School in Krosno “Herbalist – Phytotherapist”. Previously, I went to workshops with Dr Henryk Różański, who also lectures in Krosno. Herbal medicine is my passion and I enjoy using the power of herbs growing in Poland. I recommend the doctor’s blog. A great source of knowledge about plants and their use in healing.

Is there anything you would like to add at the end? An inspirational quote, story or piece of advice?

Man, when you feel pain, hold off on taking a pill. Think about what your body is trying to tell you, what to pay attention to. Because pain is the kind of dog that bites but also warns you. And take your health into your own hands, instead of handing it over to others who don’t know you at all. Each one of us carries his or her own inner doctor that he or she can count on. As long as he listens to him 🙂 Be well.

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