Where is my treasure?

Photo: Coloring book made by me

A woman was looking for something on the road. People approached her to help. They asked what she was looking for. “A needle” she replied. They started looking with her until someone asked where she had lost it. “At home” they heard in reply. “Why are you looking on the road? “Because there is light here and it is dark inside.

And where do you look for your ‘needle’?

Is it outside because it’s light out there? And everything seems to be clearer?

And so you look where you can see, feel, touch?

“Who is this seeker in me? What is this energy that wants to seek? Who am I?

And when you know this, a transformation takes place. You begin to search within. At first it is very dark. You have never been there and your eyes have been focused on the outside world. That’s why you feel like you can’t see anything. But over time your pupils dilate and get used to the darkness and gradually you start to feel this beautiful inner light. It is very compassionate and soothing like a balm.

Slowly, as you become attuned to the inner light, you begin to see that you are the source. The seeker is what is being sought. Then you will see that the treasure is within you (it has always been there), and the problem was only that you were looking for it outside of yourself.

In the beginning I was terrified of the darkness. That’s why I ran away to search in the outside world. Not knowing who I was, my search was doomed to failure in advance. Until the moment came when I took refuge in my own interior. I crouched in the darkness, at first with my eyes clenched with fear. Since nothing bad was happening, I opened them. I stared into the darkness and in time began to see.

Today I already know that such a search is a journey alone. Inside, I am alone. No one else is there. Everyone has a treasure inside themselves. If you don’t discover it, you will look outside, maybe in another person. And even if you ‘touch’ the treasure, you will experience the frustration that it is not yours. You will envy this treasure, not knowing that you have yours. You don’t reach for it in fear of your own darkness. Only when you abandon your search for it on the road, in the light of day or the lantern, when you trust yourself and plunge into your “darkness”, only there will you discover your treasure.

I wish you light in the darkness (you are it) ❤️