The soul – traveller

I wrote down the following words over a year ago while returning from Gozo. I find it hard to sit in one place any longer. After Gozo, there was Crete, then Sardinia and three times Tenerife (something went wrong here, but more on that in a moment).

“Still the chill of the morning interspersed with threads of sunny heat. The foreshadowing of a hot day that I will no longer experience. The moment of farewell is certain “like death and taxes”. This moment, though tame, can scratch with a claw, like a cat.

A week of excitement, conversation, work and relaxation on the beautiful island of Gozo is behind me.

A week ending with a high C. On Ramla Bay. I enjoyed its sun, sand and water. And then I climbed up to admire it from a height, enveloped by cave walls.

For the journey, I was presented with good luck wishes by a visitor from Malta, met on the path. Warm, laughing eyes, the cool nose of his friendly dog in my hand. We understood each other without words. Sometimes I meet angels.

The views compensated for the short, if at times difficult climb.

Once I had enjoyed taking photos, I sat on a rock and gazed. At the sea, the sun, the beach and myself.

I know it’s not yet time to settle down in one place. The love of the road coursing through my veins is already suggesting where to take my next step. Wandering is in my blood, and as every drop of it flows through my heart, I love it so much.”

Today I am still wandering, but … A beautiful piece of Tenerife is waiting for me. In June I bought a place that combines mountains and water. I don’t yet know when I will live there. My vagabond nature is rebelling a bit. I’ll probably give in to it, because my Soul has just taken up residence there and is pulling me back with all the strength of love <3 And after all, it’s well known that it’s hard for me to live without my Soul. I mean – I will fly there.

I have never dreamt of Tenerife. In fact, I had never even been there until February this year. The story of how it happened demands to be told. The moment will come when I do. In the meantime, I already have a ticket for October. The soul rejoices 😀

To be open to what comes is to taste the unknown, it’s the thrill of adventure, it’s … my life. “You are brave,” I’ve heard. Maybe I am, or maybe I’m just curious about what will happen?