Herba Chelidonii, called the “Gift from Heaven”.

This common and frequently occurring herb is such a priceless and all-round remedy that it has been called the “Gift of Heaven”. It was described as early as 1550 BC.
Take a look at the photo. You may have seen this plant somewhere. Its yellow-orange juice has sometimes stained your fingers when you wanted to weed this “weed” out of your garden. It’s worth drying and keeping it in your home first aid kit. Or even make an intake.

What’s all the fuss about, or how can herba Chelidonii help?
(All the following information is taken from studies and classes with Dr Henryk Różanski.)

If you are anxious and plagued by anxiety. Stress nags at you every day and you find it difficult to sleep. Your muscles tighten and it is difficult to relax them, causing you pain. An infusion of bitterroot will help. 100 ml is enough. Or a tincture or intake – 10 ml is enough).

Blister is a powerful choleretic, cholagogue and at the same time protects the liver, preventing liver damage. It quickly abolishes biliary, gastric and intestinal colic. The tincture and intracavitary intake of bracilis also abolishes renal colic. The alkaloids of braconium dilate the respiratory tract and coronary vessels, making breathing easier.

It is also worth reaching for this herb in cases of arrhythmia, or atrial or ventricular fibrillation.

Swallowwort inhibits the growth and development of pathogenic protozoa, fungi, bacteria and viruses. And it also has anti-diarrhoeal effects.

However, beware: the alkaloids contained in the Chelidonii cause uterine contractions, so preparations of swallowwort must not be administered to pregnant women.
Chelidonii must also not be used with glaucoma.

When else will Chelidonii come to the rescue?

  • When you need an immunostimulator, i.e. support for the immune system.
  • If your blood cells are clumping together.
  • If fungi are trying to control you.
  • When your gallbladder or kidneys are hiding pebbles.
  • When there is inflammation.
  • If your spleen and pancreas are diseased.
  • During menstrual pain or the disappearance of menstruation.
  • When haemoglobin concentration is too low.
  • It also helps with spikes in blood pressure.
  • For rheumatic and arthritic pains (rub in and make compresses).

Fresh juice of bollwort applied externally to the skin and mucous membranes is invaluable. For the treatment of:

  • herpes,
  • condylomas,
  • warts,
  • wounds that are difficult to heal,
  • haemorrhoids,
  • scabies,
  • erosion,
  • atopic dermatitis,
  • as well as for removing freckles and spots on the skin.

Dr Henryk Różanski also writes about the experiments of Professor A. Aminiev, who used the Chelidonii to treat polyposis of the large intestine and stomach. For this purpose, he made a macerate from fresh, crushed herb (50 g per 500 ml of water at 37o C). After 3-5 hours, the macerate was filtered and administered rectally after a bowel cleansing enema. He administered the enema of ascaris macerate every 2 days, 3-4 times. In the case of gastric polyposis, he would give patients orally 30-50 g of freshly crushed herb, after first distributing it in a small amount of slightly alkalinised water.

As you can see, it is not without reason that Chelidonii has been of interest to healers and medicine men throughout the ages. With such a spectrum of action, it can be called a miraculous herbal remedy. The term “Gift from Heaven” is fully justified.

However, before you reach for the Chelidonii and wish to apply it, know that you do so at your own risk. What you have just read is information to broaden your knowledge of herbs, wrongly treated as weeds. Weed with your head.

I wish you good health
Dorota Nature of Life