A painful ailment of our “three letters”

An embarrassing and … painful ailment. I will share with you some tips on how to deal with bleeding nodules called haemorrhoids, which have sprung up … on top of us.

Female, 42 years old, sedentary, office job. Little exercise. Vegetarian diet. Regular bowel movements (i.e. daily). Circulatory disorders (according to TMCh – blood stasis). She has had problems with haemorrhoids before, but never so severe.

What happened? The nodules have erupted. They bleed during bowel movements (not much, but still). It hurts to sit and walk, not to mention the pain of having to poop. And it was so nice.

How did she get to this point? What happened?

She turned the toilet into a reading room. As she had caught up with an interesting book, time was short and there was always someone at home who wanted something, she settled down for a toilet “session”. She had about 30-40 minutes of reading “relaxation”. I will give up describing what happens to the anus and the area around the bottom during the squatting position (she was putting a stool under her feet in order to defecate properly. And well, however, after doing her own – some 30 seconds, one had to get off the toilet).

And so, you could say reading enthusiasm in the wrong place bore painful fruit in the irritable area.
The woman acted quickly (pain is an effective motivator). She did as I told her:

1. no more reading room on the toilet. She put in a chair and moved to reading. She kept 30-40 minutes of bathroom time to herself.

2. Washing instead of wiping with toilet paper. She testified that the relief is felt immediately.

3. 2-3 x daily lubrication of the anus with Shostakovsky lotion (it stopped itching and started to heal).

4. 2-3 x daily lubrication with a lubricant made on the basis of Alantan (contains allantoin) with macerate of chestnut blossoms (haemorrhoids reduced and stopped falling outwards).

Treatment in progress. However, the relief and gratitude of the woman within 4 days.

For me, satisfaction and joy immense. And to think that this is such a ‘crappy’ thing to do, although I would say rather ‘blood’.

Remember, do what you have to do and fall out of … the toilet!
Take care of your four letters.

Dorota Nature of Life