A … psik! Cheers. Cheers! That’s the thing about the runny nose.

A … psik!
Hearing “Cheers!” resounding around you, you think to yourself, “What health, as I just have a runny nose”.

What does a runny nose have to do with our health?
Is a runny nose something good for our body?
Do you block up a runny nose? Do you dry it out?

The runny nose starts, you feel that tingling in your nose. Already a clear discharge is pouring out. Maybe in a few days it turns yellow.
You get a headache, you feel generally unwell, you get a sore throat, irritation, in a few days a cough.

You blame … a runny nose. And the pharmacy provides you with the weapons to fight it. Are you able to choose the tools to fight …

Well, against what, exactly. After all, a runny nose is just a symptom. The real cause is somewhere else entirely.

Let me tell you the story of a runny nose. My runny nose.

How did it all start?

“Once upon a time, I experienced a difficult situation for me. I felt the effects of stress for several days and found it difficult to relieve it. In this state, I went to a workshop where one of the participants was very ill. That is, I was in close contact with bacteria for long hours in a closed room.
On top of that, I was returning by train, where the air conditioning had chilled my body. And even a hot bath and drinking a portion of herbs did not protect me from infection.

It happened. In the morning I woke up with a blocked nose and a headache. After getting up, my nose triggered the valves and the runny nose took off.

This is the beginning of the story and I know that the stress weakened my immune system, which could not cope with the aggressor in the form of bacteria.

Before I write what I did, let me add that the runny nose in the form of a waterfall lasted for two days. After that, there were only isolated snots and further work to support my body.

From the beginning. First the tools, i.e. what I always have in my home first aid kit for such situations:

1. Fir oil
2. thyme and garlic oil capsules (I make my own, learn how to make herbal capsules in the course on capsuling).
3. Swedish herbs in a tincture (you can buy a ready-made mixture and pour alcohol over it, the recipe is on the herbs package)
4. oxymel (I make it myself, how? Watch the video here).
5. nasal wash kit (you can buy at any pharmacy)
6. allantoin cream
7. and if someone close to you can put bubbles on you it’s worth it.

We need the runny nose. It is our ally. It allows us to expel from our nostrils and sinuses the nasties that try to settle in. A kysz! A … puff!

Here’s how I helped myself.

On the first day, I ate 8 capsules (in doses of 2) of thyme powder with garlic oil. Effect – the runny nose stopped being yellow. Side effects – I emitted a strong smell 😉.

And at the same time:

1. I was flushing my nose twice a day. I added 7 drops of propolis each to the saline. The headache stopped.
2. I made a poultice of Swedish herbs at night. I smeared the skin around my irritated and somewhat sore throat with a greasy cream, sprinkled cotton pads generously with the herbs, applied it to my neck and wrapped it in a bandage (to keep it in place at night). The sore throat stopped.
3. every 2-3 hours I took 5 drops of Pichtae oil on a little honey. I could smell it in my exhaled air afterwards.
4. every 2 hours I drank 1/3 glass of warm water with oxymel.
5. In addition, you could make a poultice of warm salt on your forehead.

What did this do? I breathed through my nose every night.

And to do this:

1. I gave up everything sweet. Cow’s dairy I don’t eat anyway, but if someone does, put it down.
2. I did this systematically and every day. Until all symptoms disappeared.
3. and if I could, I would put bubbles on myself first. For now, it’s putting others up. You can learn how to do this in the course “I put on bubbles”.

Is this a way for everyone? No!
Only for the person who wants to take care of their own health and is prepared to take the time to do so. For the person who does not expect a miraculous recovery like after taking a pill.

Yes, such actions require time and attentiveness.
This is my way.
Is it the way for you? Decide for yourself.
I wish you good health and that you don’t need such ideas 🙂

May the power of herbs always be with you!

Dorota Nature of Life