Streetwaves – herbal meeting

The ‘Find a Neighbour’ campaign came to an end on Sunday. And it wasn’t about missing people, it was about friends. Clusters of neighbours took to the streets and, as part of Streetwaves 2015, flowed in waves to the Valley of Joy too.

I had the great pleasure of meeting them. And they were happy to talk to me about herbs. Our, very tiny, neighbours. Sometimes passed by, trampled on, picked, admired. But always present and ready to come to our aid when something ails us.

The lounging chat lasted only half an hour, because on all sides the herbs were peeping into our eyes and couldn’t wait for our visit.
We wafted and sailed together with the wind towards the meadow and the pond.

And do you know who we met? Herbs Who came out to meet us?
Rhodiostrum, vegetable thistle, nettle, cudweed, white buttercup, foxglove, curlyleaf ivy (named by someone as shrike ivy), wolfsbane, valerian, garlic, yellow starthistle, hellebore, lilac, elderberry, calla lily, dandelion.

We spent two hours with them and couldn’t get enough. Macing, sniffing, looking at and discussing the properties and peculiarities of the herbs filled the time indistinctly.

One of the organisers wrote to me:

“It was very interesting and fun. It was nice that you involved the audience so much in the meeting, you can see that they wanted to participate and that they enjoyed it Happy
Anyway, the walk was also popular, someone even came back early because there were too many people and he didn’t hear anything Happy”

I enjoyed it! Did you?

With herbal greetings