Island of Tranquil Souls

This was happening when I still didn’t have land in Tenerife. I often said that it would be as it was meant to be. If this piece of land wants to be mine it will be. It was a beautiful April of 2022. I stood on the land overlooking the ocean and wondered when I would live here. And how will it all happen?

A while later, browsing the pages of “Przekroj”, I fell “by complete accident” 😉 into an interview with a resident of Tenerife. An interview from 2021, titled “Island of Tranquil Souls.” And I already knew that I got another sign. As I read, I held my hand over my heart. “This is exactly how I want to live” – I thought. I smiled.

I provide a link to the text. Worth reading. Don’t ask how many times I’ve done it 😉.

Today I know that 3 Kings will lead me on a one way road in January. “One way ticket” – as they say, and I will hold a green stone in my hand. Because Tenerife is the Heart chakra.

I am still in the hustle and moving chaos. I’m taking in every single thing. And I wonder if I will need it there. I already know I’m going into minimalism. I’m selling off most of what I have. It will be to pay for the transportation of things and the last installment for the land. And on the ground? I don’t know yet. The universe will show me. It opens more doors for me, however, only one at a time. I am patient, trusting and calm. I know I need little to survive. A little more to live 😀.

And now I invite you to read this text, which for me is another clue on the map of my journey.

“Tenerife – Island of Tranquil Souls”.

A small group. She has the power to influence individuals. Even if a single person feels bad, the group can make them feel better. In the cities right now, so many people need help that it’s hard to get to a psychiatrist. Here the opposite is true. It turns out that there are more psychologists than patients! When you have a problem, the whole community comes to embrace you and help you, and your problem immediately diminishes.

This coexistence also has a very practical dimension: mutual, daily help.

Sure, this is basic. But the fact that you have someone who will always listen to you is just as important, if not more so. Because of the amount of time available and the mutual closeness, you really feel listened to every time. You are not a burden to someone.

The attention people can give each other is a treasure in our time. It is not common.

As residents, we are obligated to keep the place clean, including everyone’s own waste. We also pay attention to what happens on the hiking trails. We are the first contact in difficult cases.

When we observe another person, we immediately judge them. In contact with nature it is different. When you look at an eagle, a pigeon or an ant, you stop interpreting and start waiting for what they show you. The sense of envy or pride, of comparing yourself, of trying to impress someone disappears. Our perception changes and the path you need emerges.

However, provided you really want it, because not everyone can live here alone. I, although I live here alone, do not feel lonely. First of all, I don’t want to live with someone, and secondly, my work as a Buddhist is not just for me. When you choose a solitary path where all the hustle and bustle isn’t there, that’s when you start to feel a pure, authentic connection with another person. We laugh together, and when necessary, we grieve together. Mutual prejudices, comparisons – how much I mean and how much you mean – disappear. There is no competition that we so often feel in the city.

I am guaranteed harmony. Another thing is just meeting another person: the opportunity to share, to learn, to tune in. A sense of the ordinary, the mundane in life. An extremely pleasant experience. Here people enjoy the simplest things, everything tastes different. We ate a plate of pasta, and it was like a dish from a top restaurant. You learn to give and receive. To listen and share yourself. You have the opportunity to go deeper into yourself, but also to take care of yourself.

You then discover how easy it is to give, how easy it is to get rid of something. You don’t lose anything, because by giving, you actually receive. Experiencing the purity and cyclicity of life, the flow, gives our soul satisfaction. This is missing in modern education, where we are focused on the material dimension of life. Meanwhile, the sharing we experience every day takes the pressure off us. Here we create the conditions to make it possible.

This requires discipline. Living in seclusion doesn’t mean you can forget everything. You have to develop your own ways of maintaining balance.

For me, there is no such thing as a challenge. There are things to do, so I do them. I don’t see it as a challenge, rather as an integral part of the life I have chosen. It’s a different point of view. If you make a conscious decision to surrender to the life you choose, everything that happens afterwards is not a challenge or a problem – it’s your life.

I don’t say challenges, because it means some kind of pressure that things have to happen this way and not that way.

And if a problem arises, I have to face it. This is part of life.

I had to consciously prepare myself for the conditions of life I choose.

If there are people who want to share their lives, to work for the benefit of others, more people on the same path appear every day. It doesn’t hurt that they are still in the minority.

You have to feel it in your heart. I don’t recommend such a choice to people who are simply interested in living in the countryside. It’s not about that at all. It’s about living in deep harmony with what surrounds us. It’s not about moving your prison, your borders, your country and your nation here, to cut yourself off and let nothing in. This, in my opinion, is a wrong understanding of living in nature.

Nature is natural, balanced, perfect in itself. If you don’t allow it in and don’t harmonize with it, you will never feel what we are talking about. This is about living with nature, not in or out of nature.

In living close to nature, respect and empathy are important. Truly getting to know the other person and what surrounds you breeds respect for everything you already have. It is important that when choosing this lifestyle, we have enough courage and compassion. That our actions should be based on the desire to help and share, to look for the best solutions. These choices will always take us far.

There is no battle to win, there is instead a life to live. So I encourage – if anyone wants to do this, don’t hesitate and act. Consciously, with mindfulness. Enjoying life and giving the best from ourselves in everything we do. Preparing food, growing potatoes, eating a banana. In each of these ordinary moments you can taste life and enjoy freedom from worries and fears.

And most important: acting with love and compassion for all beings, with respect for nature. There really are such people and there is a place for them. ”

Isn’t it beautiful? It delighted me.