Nature of Life in Tenerife

Fot. My own photo. Sunset on my land.

I’ll start at the end 😉 I’m moving to Tenerife.

How did this happen, when I never dreamed of living on this island? What happened that made me live right there? I am still surprised myself. And with this childlike amazement, my face split sometimes with surprise, I let myself be led by the so-called coincidences. And it started innocently enough 😉 I flew to the island, in February this year, invited by my friends. I spent 12 days sightseeing, beachcombing, feasting like on the best vacation. “An island, like an island,” I thought. I have seen many of them. Tenerife does not stand out among them very much, and yet …

The day of return came, and the island did not want to let me go. A friend lost his way to the airport, which he knows like the back of his hand. In addition, he dropped me off at the wrong place where I should have been. On the way I was stopped by an orcane and instead of after 8 hours, I returned home after 30.

I like the moment of return. I enjoy the familiar smell, the sight of my place, the plants waiting to be watered. However, this time was different. I put my suitcase down, sat on the couch and cried. For the first time in my life. “I’m tired from a long trip,” I thought. And I went to bed. The next two days I sobbed every now and then. The sadness overwhelmed me and I couldn’t locate its cause. I called my sister and heard: “After all, it’s obvious, the Soul has left you. She stayed in Tenerife.” With understanding came peace. And that day, and it was 22.02.2022, at 10:22 p.m. I wrote a wish: “I live well and happily in Tenerife from January 2023”. On that day, the owner of a pub in Los Christianos also called: “My neighbor is selling land. Would you like to buy?” I thought deeply and, for myself, I don’t know why I answered: “I want to.”

With no money to buy land, no knowledge of Spanish, no knowledge of the real estate market and many more “withouts,” the process of changing my life was set in motion in me. The amount of questions I asked myself slightly overwhelmed me. However, instead of thinking with limitations, I created a vision for my new life. Life in Tenerife. Every day I tell myself, “Day and night everything is favorable to me.” “Money is flowing to me in a wide stream.” And I felt that I had entered the path of “my own legend,” as I read in The Alchemist, because the Universe is doing everything to make this vision a reality.

At first, I shared it only with those closest to me. They are the kind of people who don’t ask “and how will you manage?”, “where will you get the money?”, “where will you live?”, “and what about work?”. These are the people who supported and support me with their energy, joy and confidence that I know what I’m doing (even when I don’t) 😀 The beginnings of such a vision are vulnerable. Like a young plant for a May frost. On its own, it needed to settle into my thought for life.

And the magic began. It entered my life with momentum. I started meeting new people, coming across articles related to Tenerife, watching programs related to my ideas. Suddenly, the owner decided to spread the payment to me in installments (I certainly need to thank my neighbor for that). From two independent sources came to me information about the real estate agent who guided me through the buying process. Reading comments in one group on FB, I came across a person who helped me apply for a special N.I.E number (it’s necessary to buy land, for example). At first I was very surprised, because everything seemed to happen on its own. Now it’s a natural state for me 😉.

I made the decision to buy land by looking at the photos and video sent by my friends. I kept telling myself “If this land wants to be mine, it will be”. I took everything softly, looking forward to my planned next trip. I flew for the second time in April. And with me my sister and nephew. We spent a wonderful week. I got to know the land, which today is already my new place to live. I came back with my individual N.I.E number and plans for another visit.

The action unfolded quite quickly. In June, I landed in Tenerife again. Only for five days. However, I returned with the deed in my hand. My view of the ocean and La Gomera. A view still without a window. There is no running water, electricity or house on the land. Instead, there are almond trees, grape vines, fig trees, prickly pear, orange, pear and plum trees, and even 3 pine trees. And what is priceless to me – there are herbs. The land greeted me with a carpet of colorful flowers of marigolds, gazanias, aloes, viper’s bugloss and wolfberries. All 4 times larger than in Poland. I also encountered St. John’s Wort, to the flowers of which I had to mess with my head. It is a two-meter shrub. And most important – I have wonderful neighbors.

Immediately after returning I fell ill. Two days I lay almost dead. Probably from the sensations and emotions. I felt exhausted. “I won’t fly there again this year,” I thought wearily. However, after a week I got back on my feet and … started planning my next trip. Airline tickets turned out to be expensive, and although I often looked at search engines for low-cost airlines, I couldn’t find anything. I let it go for a few weeks and got busy with work. One day sitting with a coffee I clicked on airline tickets and … in October I’m flying again.

“Why am I actually flying there?” – I wondered. At the time of buying the tickets I didn’t know yet. The decision came a little later. I already know that I am flying to “prepare the ground”. The ground for the move. Am I scared? Ba, well, sure! However, as always with me, “I am afraid and I do”. It’s like a moment of suspense before jumping off a high mountain. “What if I fall? What if I fly?”

I wrote that I feel led. What does this manifest itself in, besides the wonderful coincidences and extraordinary people I’ve already met? In moments of doubt (and yes, yes there are of course) I come across an interview in “Przekroj” from 2021 with the unusual for me title “Island of peaceful souls”. There I find a description of the community I myself want to live in. And I will create it. To the story of a woman of my age, who also without money, language skills and other “without” moves to Spain. At the end she says: “I could. You can too!” I felt as if she was saying this to me. Suddenly there are orders, clients, projects that make me pay off the next installment for the land peacefully. I meet people who offer cooperation. All I have to do is bend down and pick up. Everything lies beneath my feet, and I bend down to pick it up gratefully.

Where will my new path take me? How will my life unfold? What will I experience in Tenerife and who else will I meet? I don’t know. I will find out by living there with Nature. How could I not, since I am the Nature of Life 😀 .

to be continued…