My mission

You come to me. You look with eyes filled with expectation, hope, sometimes even tears. In helplessness, pain, anxiety and even panic. Lately, more and more often with fear. You have already been to many specialists. You have closed one door after another with increasing regret and disappointment.

You are looking for solutions. You are looking … outside. I listen to you and I hear you. I look at you and I see. You focus on the illuminated places. Although what you are missing now is lost in the darkness. In a place where only you can enter.

I will not find it for you. Nor will I plunge into your darkness. I don’t even know what to look for.

And though you come for healthy discipline, you leave with gentleness for yourself. You open your eyes wide, from which tears flow a moment later, when I ask, are you happy? What good have you done for yourself lately? When was the last time you laughed from your belly, like a child. And I can see that you don’t understand at first. After all, you came in with a migraine or diarrhoea or menstrual pain. With insomnia, excessive sweating or total exhaustion.

Your body is talking to you, but you don’t understand it.

And this is the thought that occurs to me: I am a teacher of language. Your body language. A translator. And you get a dictionary. And you start translating, yourself. And you understand. And you love.

I support you with herbs, with food, with knowledge from many years of study, books, experience. I support you. Because what is most important, each of us carries within us. Love for ourselves. And if we manage to ignite even a spark of this love, you can handle the rest on your own.

And that delights me in my work. And I laugh out loud, belly laugh, when we sing out loud together: “I have this Power”. Even though for centuries we have been tried to make us believe that it does not exist.

Every day you give me proof that this Power cannot be annihilated.

Dorothy Nature of Life