And so the Queen of Summer took up residence on Ice Mountain with the Cold People.

And she wanted to make the mountain alive and green, full of flowers and singing birds. She hugged the Cold People and the mountain to her heart. But the short spring moments were immediately frozen by the icy wind and the Summer Queen started her arduous toil all over again. She suffered greatly from the cold and loneliness. Until there came a day when the wind was stronger, the cold more severe and she was weaker and the snow covered the Queen. And it froze her heart. And then she stopped feeling the pain. She shrugged off the white fluff and became the Queen of Winter.

The mother came up the hill and began to sing the song of summer, the song of life. The voice climbed the vines and rose higher and higher. And where the ice touched the leaves and shoots, steps melted away.

The Winter Queen turned her cold eyes to the dripping water and her heart fluttered at the memory of summer. She could not remember who she had been before. Out of curiosity, she put her foot out and placed it on the first step. And she herself does not know how it happened that she slipped and fell. She lay still for a long time. Everything hurt her and she wanted to return to the frozen state. There was no pain there. However, the warm rays of the sun slowly dissolved the pain. And so the Queen of Summer returned.

“I am covered in white fluff
crumbs of ice
in my eyes
in my heart
in my belly
frozen movements of joy.
Petal by petal
do not melt
layer upon layer.
The Snow Queen
who once was
Queen of Summer
warm memory
in a block of ice
to the end of the world”

I wrote the text on 12 November 2018 and the poem a dozen years earlier. Fortunately, the vision was not prophetic. The Queen of Summer has returned 😀