I’m heavy and I’m hurting you. Signed: metal.

In the world we live in today, we are exposed to a load of metals that harm us. When we hear mercury or lead, we know that these are metals that are better not to have in our bodies. But already cadmium, thallium or barium are not so obvious.

Which metals we are exposed to most depends on the environment we live in, the food we eat, the medicines or vaccines we take, the fillings in our teeth, the cleaning products we use at home or the work we do.

How to find out if I am burdened with metals, and which ones. A popular method is hair analysis. Unfortunately, we most often become interested in this subject when we become seriously ill.

I have collected information on metal cleansing here. I have provided links to interesting articles. I have also included methods I learned about from Dr Henryk Różanski.

To start with, I recommend the entry on the Back to the Dreams website. Here you will find out which metals and how they harm us. You will also find other interesting information on detoxification.

If you browse the web, you will find a wealth of information on detoxifying from metals. Whatever their source, in each one we can find information on foods that will support us in this process. Our body can deal with toxins, provided we help it to do so.

Let us remember that we cleanse ourselves through the large intestine, kidneys, liver and skin, as well as the lungs. Therefore, what we eat and drink influences the effectiveness of this process. Water is, of course, indispensable. No methods will help us if we ‘dry up’.

You can read about algae, coriander, selenium, exercise, fibre, detoxifying tincture and sauna in the magazine “What doctors won’t tell you”.

However, my reader Anna’s question was specifically about mercury and dealing with the effects of removing amalgam fillings. And that is what I will focus on in this blog post.

A very comprehensive study on mercury is in English. It is “Amalgam illness” by Andrew Cutler. You can buy the book on this website. Here I found an excerpt translated into Polish on the symptoms of mercury poisoning. It is quite shocking what mercury does to our bodies.

Andrew Cutler has a PhD in chemistry, an MSc in physics, experience in practical problem solving and research in chemistry and engineering, and extensive knowledge of biochemistry and medicine.

Coriander and chlorella appear in many studies on mercury detoxification. You can find extensive information on this subject here. This is where the following information comes from: “During the removal of amalgam fillings, a higher dose should be taken, two days before and 2-5 days after the procedure (the more fillings are removed, the longer the increased dose should be given). Coriander should not be given while the seals are being worked on. During this time, we do not want to mobilise deeper-seated metals for the expected new exposure from the fillings.”

Ms Agnieszka Tomaka (dentist) wrote in Health Tips number 27: “Never remove amalgam fillings during pregnancy and lactation. (Mercury vapour is the most dangerous). If amalgam removal is planned, take 750 mg of activated charcoal 30 minutes before the appointment. Take vitamin C, B complex, multiminerals and selenium several days before and after the procedure. In addition, protect the liver with a high-protein diet or lysine and cysteine supplementation.”

To rid the body of mercury, chelation therapy is also used. However, this should be done with equally great care. You can, and even need to, support the body with a proper diet providing nutrients and brain repair substances such as omega 3 acids, sulforaphane e.g. from broccoli, turmeric, vitamin D.

And if you are interested in other uses of coriander I recommend the article by Dr Henryk Różanski.

A method described for removing mercury and other heavy metals is chelation. The method has its supporters and opponents, as apart from its positive aspects and effectiveness in removing metals, it also has side effects that are worth bearing in mind when deciding on this method.

A great supporter and practitioner of chelation therapy was Dr Jaroslaw Krasicki. He created the clinic where these treatments are still carried out today. On the clinic’s website you will find information on the safety of chelation therapy. Dr Krasicki’s area of expertise was mainly atherosclerotic diseases.

On the clinic’s website you will also find the following entry: “no other issue of modern medicine has been more politicised than EDTA. Treating coronary artery disease is big business in the US and the Western world. According to Gary Gordon, the father of chelation therapy, every time a surgeon performs a bypass operation, he takes home a luxury sports car. To some extent, therefore, this therapy reduces the need for conventional treatment. To a large extent, it is a threat to the considerable influence of medical estabilishment’.

We have to judge for ourselves how much a particular method serves us and will be helpful. Although it is advisable to perform such a detoxification process under the supervision of a doctor who knows his stuff.

Finally, there is the true story of Ania, who underwent a year-long treatment to cleanse her body of mercury. She does not give her exact recommendations (after all, everyone has different mercury concentrations and conditions), but she does give many interesting tips.

I wish you a healthy life without toxic metals
Dorothy Nature of Life