Meeting of herbalists in the Owl Mountains

The Owl Mountains have become indelibly etched in my memory with memories of people who love herbs and nature. Nearly 200 people stayed in the “Eagle” chalet occupying all the beds, floors and the campsite as well as the surrounding agrotourism.
The morning light woke me up and dragged me out of bed at five in the morning. Such dawn before the hostel wiped the remnants of sleep from my eyelids.

Each day (the rally lasted four) the programme was so rich that a decision problem was the order of the day. What to choose? What to take part in? Where to go?
On Saturday alone, I was able to see: the Dragendorf apparatus in action and extract oils from aniseed carrot, take part in a cosmetic workshop, learn all about fermentation, learn how to make soap, enter an oil competition and even learn about the principles of moxa.
Herbal walks and searching for plants to discuss their actions and health-promoting uses afterwards were the most besieged points of the programme. So much so that I chose paths that were a little less frequented 🙂

I was enthralled by the hellebore catching drops of moisture. I took this photo at midday.

And you can still find unbloomed pine male flowers in the mountains. I ate a few. They were juicy and tasty. At my place by the sea, even the pollen has already settled.

And I wouldn’t be who I am if I hadn’t been shown how to put up bubbles at the Herbalists’ Meeting.

The weather was fine, so our meals often looked like this.

And when the day was over, we would light a bonfire and weave our herbal tales.

Next year we will meet again. And we are already starting to organise the event.
The next meeting next year 15-18 June. We are now choosing a venue and making suggestions for workshops. Life is beautiful and full of herbs.

Herbal greetings
Dorota Nature of Life